August 25, 2013

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The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online in pdf form for the small price of $9.99 – and it comes with an updated spreadsheet, free. Updates are all free, download as often as you’d like. Last update was Monday the 19th. I put in an updated spreadsheet Saturday, but that was just fixes on some missing information (the lookup formulas weren’t pulling properly on a handful of players). The Grabovski signing will be in the next update (by Tuesday, latest).


Drance is away on vacation so he’ll be back on September 15.


Teuvo Teräväinen is in a tough spot, but it’s not as bad as it seems. Granted, he’s a prospect forward in Chicago’s deep system. But he’s the best prospect – by a wide margin. Nonetheless, the Hawks have eight proven NHL forwards looking good for a top-six job and another forward – Brandon Pirri – who just led the AHL in scoring and has nothing more to prove at that level. While Michal Handzus is hardly second-line-center material, the team seems comfortable with him there as a stopgap, with perhaps Pirri earning that job by January. And that’s where Teräväinen can strike. It’s a small window, but second-line center job can be his with an eye-popping training camp. And isn’t that the start of so many superstar NHL careers? Coming in and seizing opportunity?

Teräväinen, who signed an ELC last week, was arguably the best performer in the WJC mini-camp and is looking more and more like that star. In fact, he would be a lock for the Blackhawks if he weighed 190 pounds instead of 169. But I have this hunch that come training camp, he’ll be moved up a lot of lists. In the Fantasy Guide I have him at 45% to make the team, but my feelings on the situation there are very much undecided. And he’s making them cloudier by the moment.

Check out Teuvo Teräväinen’s fantasy profile here.


Well, as a Mikhail Grabovski owner in two of my keeper leagues I remember being disappointed when he re-signed with Toronto. And then I was thrilled when they bought him out. Then disappointed that six weeks later he didn’t sign with a new team. I’ll give him three of those weeks because he got married. Completely understandable. But I was a little jittery about it by mid-August. I had a list of preferred teams that he would flourish on (find it here). Bingo! My No.1 team for him to land on was Washington. Needless to say, I’m rubbing my hands with glee.

I’ll definitely trade him in one league, keep him in the other. I need to take advantage of the buzz, yet at the same time benefit from the move. So I think one of each (trade, keep) covers me off. No, I don’t think he’