Bouncing Back

Terry Campkin




Geek of the Week returns with a look at players who are set to bounce back


I hope everybody has enjoyed their summer and is excited for the upcoming NHL season as I am. The Sunday Geek of the Week articles will be back up and running for the 2013-14 season and I am excited to help provide some insight into some of the great fantasy hockey value you can find using Fantasy Hockey Geek.


One of the great things about FHG, is that you can set-up your rankings to be based on a number of different data sets. You can use historical values from previous NHL seasons, Dobber's predictions for the upcoming season and you can even use your own customized projections. Using this functionality, a common thing I like to do heading into a draft is look for some potential rebound players – guys who have proven to be very valuable in the past, but are coming off of a down year and consequently may be undervalued by rival GMs. With the help of FHG and the Dobber projections, I easily find 10-20 such guys each season. Today I will share three with you that I personally like for 2013-14:


Overall FHG Ranking
Player 2011-12 2013 Dobber’s Proj.
Scott Hartnell 11 250 44
Michael Del Zotto