September 01, 2013

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The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online in pdf form for $9.99 – it comes with an updated spreadsheet – free. Updates are all free, download as often as you’d like. Last update was Tuesday. Next update will be later today with the Omark and Selanne adjustments to the Edmonton and Anaheim lineups.

Even though I’m fairly certain that Omark will be moved.


Just to add to the relentless Teemu Selanne stuff – I won’t be drafting him unless he’s somehow still around for my bench picks (i.e. the last four rounds of a 24-round draft). That being said, I do think he’ll be a fantasy asset for the first two or three weeks. But this feeling I get is that by January he starts getting scratched and then decides to retire.


The Winnipeg Jets signed a pair of 2013 draft picks to ELC’s, including the WHL Defenseman of the Year Brenden Kichton. Kichton was 20 years old last season and so the inflated point totals were expected. He was only drafted in the seventh round back in June. So while the upside is there, it will be years before we see it if we ever do. Besides, the Jets are incredibly deep in terms of offensive defensemen.

Kichton’s fantasy profile is here.

The other guy signed was third-round pick J.C. Lipon, who is another older player coming off of a strong junior season. I rarely trust the strong production at this level from players in this situation.

Lipon’s fantasy profile is here.


Still not caring about Canadian Olympic Hockey Team coverage. In fact, I predict two players will end up playing for Team Canada who weren’t even invited to the evaluation camp. So why all the whining about people’s projected lineups? And why all the coverage? When the final team is announced, then my interest will kick in.

Now, if I was in a keeper-league Olympics pool, that would be different…


Puck Daddy has kicked off its fantasy hockey coverage, partnering up with myself and DobberHockey for four fantasy-hockey articles:

Friday – Forwards – Jeff Angus

Saturday – Defensemen – Steve Laidlaw

Sunday – Goaltenders – Mike Amato

Monday – Underrated and Overrated – Yours truly

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