Friday September 6, 2013

Dobber Sports




Greetings loyal DobberHockey readers, and welcome to my first ever Ramblings! This might be just a one-time guest gig for me, so I'll try to make it count.


By now every poolie with a pulse and functioning brain cells should've already bought a copy of the Fantasy Guide. But if for some reason you haven't, then you literally should stop reading right now and go order it. Don't worry – I'll wait……This is me waiting…..I'll really wait as long as necessary……….


In all seriousness, the Fantasy Guide has no equal. It would be the best out there based just on the fact that it's updated time and time again leading up to the season; but there's much more! The reason I came to the DobberHockey community way back in 2009 (my forum name is rizzeedizzee in case you want to look for me – not on Twitter, yet) was because even though I had already been successful in leagues for over a decade I knew I had to start doing even more to stay ahead. The first time I saw the Fantasy Guide it literally blew my socks off. And every year it just keeps getting better and better.


Like most everyone else doing the ramblings of late, I'll tell you what you already know – it's been pretty slim pickings out there for meaningful fantasy hockey news. But even with camps not yet officially open we're actually starting to hear some useful information, like guys who won't be ready for the start of the season, and that sort of thing.


One note on camp news – beware the journeyman or unheralded youngster who sees time on a scoring line. When the dust settles after camp and preseason, more often than not you won't see someone unexpected in a prime spot; or if you do, chances are it won't last long. So don't rush out and burn an important draft pick or precious free agent bucks to grab players like that.


But one thing that has changed of late is the willingness of teams to give a bit more of a shot to smaller players and guys who found success after a number of years in the AHL. All it took is guys like P.A. Parenteau and Cory Conacher (not to mention Martin St. Louis, who did fit both criteria, leading the entire league in scoring last season), to convince teams there can be value in these types of players. That having been said, guys with size (Mr. Penner, your pancakes in the shape of Mighty Ducks are ready) and who were once top draft picks (I'm looking at you Erik Johnson) will always get many more chances.


Since I'm handling Cage Match now, that doesn't leave me room to write about random topics as much as during my Holding Court days. So I figured this is my best chance to pass along two pieces of often overlooked pre-draft advice for fantasy owners – one for people entering a new league and another for people returning to their tried and true leagues.


For people entering new leagues, it may sound simple but be sure to do your draft prep while keeping in mind the total number of players who'll be drafted. Suppose you're entering an eight team league where each team wi