Peter Mueller Signs With Flyers…(of the Swiss League)

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Peter Mueller has signed with the (Philadelphia) Kloten Flyers, according to this report, and will play next season in the Swiss League.



I love the idea of playing in the Swiss League in the event that things don’t work out – the culture, the atmosphere, the people…I’ve heard nothing but good things. But the move was too soon for Mueller, who turned just 25 in April. When it comes to upside, hockey sense and skill, Mueller ranks right up there. But concussion woes wiped up the better part of three seasons. He needed time to recover from that and find his groove.


Mueller played most of the season in 2012-13. Percentage-wise, it was his highest total since 2009. That was step one. Step two would be to start producing. But he needs an NHL team to do that with. I can only assume that he received several tryout offers as well as some contract offers based close to the NHL minimum but with games-played bonuses.


He chose Switzerland. No pressure, low taxes, and guaranteed money. But at 25, did he give up too soon? Had he given the NHL another season at low dollars, could he have parlayed that into big money next year? If the report is true, we’ll never know. But a strong Linus-Omark type of season in the Swiss League will definitely generate NHL interest next summer. So this could pay off for Mueller yet.


Keeper League owners of Mueller can finally let him go. No more hogging that roster spot. The risk vs. reward factor is not worth keeping him until next year.

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