September 30, 2013

Dobber Sports


The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online (pdf) for $9.99 – it comes with an updated spreadsheet. Updates are all free, download as often as you like. Last update was September 29 – Draft list, too – but with all of today's cuts (more on those below), you should expect to see another update quicker than you can say Bo Horvat.



Dobber here with breaking news per the Ottawa Sun – the Senators have cut Mika Zibanejad, which tells me that J-G Pageau beat him out of a roster spot. I’ll have this and other updates in the Fantasy Guide later today.

Thanks to Rick Roos for covering me off today. I threw my back out Friday and had a tough time sitting at a computer this weekend – compounded by the fact that I had a draft Sunday. Better now, thanks to a couple of chiropractor trips. Still a couple days from 100%



Greetings again – time for my second crack at the Ramblings. This time I'm subbing for Dobber, who – no joke – is on the shelf due to a back injury. Insert snarky Band-Aid Boy comment here.


Perfect timing for me to do the Ramblings, as I'm nose deep in preparing for the Tuesday night draft in my long running league where last year I finished outside of the prize pool (eight teams, top three get paid) for the first time in ages. Given the shortened season, I went with a "win big or go home" strategy and….well…..let's just say I had no trouble finding my way home before it was even dark outside. The silver lining was I traded some players to get nice extra picks for this season's draft because I knew early enough that, after all was said and done, I'd be on the outside looking in (wow, a rare double cliché sentence – Crash Davis would be proud!)



It's actually an interesting league – teams ice 24 players (14 forwards – any combo of centers/wings, seven d-men, three goalies) plus have eight reserves (only limit is five total goalies per team). Each team gets only six keepers per season, and you can only keep a player for two seasons after drafting him. A really fun and competitive league – I recommend the forma