West Coast Waiver Gems: Value Vets

Anthony Lancione



Lancione looks at three veteran waiver-wire grabs


Aside from a few late-to-the-race groups, the vast majority of fantasy leagues have been drafted by now. For the most part, poolies are optimistic about their title contention status, with a few exceptions whom will undoubtedly wheel n' deal their way to rosters built for a legitimate championship run. However, there are always areas which can and should be promptly addressed and improved upon. Especially in leagues with trade-averse GMs, free agent watch lists will be heavily reviewed.




Fantasy GMs across North America (myself included) tend to be far more speculative with prospects in the first couple weeks than they will be all year. This is the time to put those sleeper picks to work. Now comes reliance on the first sample size of games to determine whether the kids will fit the bill for the long haul or whether they'll soon be dumped for more familiar names on waivers. However, the likelihood of most kids (particularly 18-21 years old) to succeed right off the bat are slim. Therefore, for single-season and shallow-roster keeper leagues, with few elite star exemptions, try to be conservative with the number of prospects with little to no NHL experience introduced to your lineup. Get a jump on your competition by plucking the top ol' reliable veterans left floating in waiver-land.


Its vital to do so before your colleagues realize that their prized prospects:


  1. A)…Will be sent back to junior before the expiration of their nine game trial