The Pulpit is different than the office

Nathan Weselake



For the last few weeks, the Puck Pastor has preached to you. This week, he invites you into his office


From my pulpit at DobberHockey I've been aiming for that balance of humor and advice that opens up skeptical ears and has cold hearts warm up to truth. It's a tactic I use in my day job at In our church, we try not to cater to religious people so we get a lot of first timers, or people who haven’t been to church since they were about six years old. Usually they don’t have the best memories of the last time they were in a church – one of our goals is to change that. So, I crack a few jokes every Sunday morning, usually of the self-deprecating variety to lower the fear level of the poor guy who thinks he’s going to get blasted from the pulpit. My thinking is that most people’s lives are hard enough, what they hear Sunday morning shouldn’t make it harder.  Humor lowers defenses and creates receptivity. Eventually, I’ll transition to the meat of what I want to talk about and hope it is heard with an open mind.


That’s what happens in the pulpit and you're familiar with it by now. But now you're coming to the office. The office is different.


When people come to visit me in my office often the level of desperation is pretty high. So in the office I don’t really crack the jokes. I don't sing them songs about Keith Ballard. In the office, people simply want help. And that's you now with a week of the season in the books and your team already looking terrible.