October 9, 2013

Dobber Sports


Gates here – “Holding Court” made its series debut at Fantrax today. The revised title features DobberHockey senior writers Rick Roos and Eric Daoust as they present opposing arguments on whether to keep, trade or drop the two players in question. With everything on the table, I give a final verdict on each case. Give it a look here.  


Update – minutes after I post, Hertl scores two more goals. Four goals Tuesday! And that fourth goal – ridiculous. I’m adding the clip below.


Patience. Early in the season it’s so hard. For me, it’s a little easier than it is for you. And I’ll explain why. The first four days of the season, I’m swamped with customer service and – as was the case last week – site crashes. So instead of poring over stats and trends, all I got to do was catch a couple of games and breeze through the summaries. Then on the weekend I had a draft Saturday night. Games were on in the background, and when I got home I looked through the summaries, but that’s it. So I have a good idea of who has been hot. And the players that I have flagged in my mind to watch for in terms of linemates (Frozen Pool) and ice time I know all about. But… the players that I don’t have flagged and haven’t been hot, I’m not as familiar with. Until now. So a full week of NHL hockey has gone by and finally I’m able to look closely at stats and pick up things.

I didn’t feel the pressure of watching Cody Hodgson go three games with just one assist and minus-3. But yesterday in the forum I saw someone talk of dropping him and regretting taking him over Lars Eller. I didn’t feel like his slump was dragging on and on because I didn’t even know he was in one. In my head, he’s still a guy who will flirt with 55 to 60 points with upside. It didn’t matter to me if he had zero points as of now, or six points. That’s the advantage of stepping back early in the year. Granted, I was pretty much ‘forced’ to step back but I still stepped back. If you pretend to know nothing about how your guys are doing – and I mean the top 75% of your guys, not the bottom 25% – if you pretend to know nothing about how they’re doing, you’ll have the right ‘big picture’ perspective. Only react to the bottom players on your team, quickly replacing them where needed. You should have an idea as to who those guys are before the season even begins.

Hodgson picked up two points last night (and six shots on goal) and has three in four games.