Capitalize on Chaos

Nathan Weselake



The Pastor looks at some bleak situations that a fantasy hockey owner can capitalize on…

There is a Hebrew phrase for what is happening in a few places around the NHL these days. It’s fun to say so I’ll teach it to you: “tohu wa bohu” (phonetically ‘toe who waah bow who”). It comes from an early Jewish creation story and describes a situation where there are all the ingredients for order, beauty, and success but so far no one has managed to pull it all together in a way that has it reach it’s potential. It can be used to describe almost anything – your family, your job, or the Oilers roster.

In the ancient story the raw ingredients of “tohu wa bohu” reach their potential by being breathed on by the divine. The breath of God brings chaos to it’s full potential. The idea might seem new but you probably actually heard it in an interview on ESPN last week. Think, “the new ownership group in Phoenix is going to breath some new life into a shaky franchise” or “The return of RNH is going to breath new life into the Edmonton powerplay” and you get the idea. Speaking of interviews, I can’t resist commenting on Joe Thornton‘s comments after asked what he’d do if he scored four goals. As a pastor whose mind is never in the gutter, I immediately assumed he was referring to tenderly caring for domestic fowl and, while I thought it was a weird way to celebrate, I wondered what the fuss was about. Eventually I figured it out and blushed in shame like I haven't since Charles Wang and Ron Tugnutt were dominating the headlines.

Back to “tohu wa bohu” and how it can help your fantasy team.

Chaos may give real GM’s and coaches heart attacks, but for the fantasy manager chaos is opportunity. Here are a few places where I someone has yet to breath any life