October 14, 2013

Dobber Sports


The following ramblings are in high-Dobbernition. If you click on a player name, you are taken to his profile for the full lowdown on recent line combos, stats and news (with links).


I’ve always felt that Mathieu Perreault had scoring-line potential, but some Washington fans and insiders insisted that he was a hustling checker with third-line potential at best. But all he needed was a chance. And not just a two-game chance, or even a 10-game chance. But a real 25-game chance. With no injuries and no demotions to the fourth line if he goes four games without a point. It looks as though he is getting that chance in Anaheim and I think his numbers are the real deal. No, he’s not getting 80 points this year. But 55 or more would be a fantastic start, and it would be enough to secure his stature with the team for good. And then he can build on that. He’s enjoying chemistry with Jakob Silfverberg and they’re really helping each other in terms of production.


I’m still waiting for my ‘Thank You’ card from Tomas Hertl. I made a pitch for him last Tuesday, offering up Elias Lindholm straight up. I did this because a) it’s a limited keeper (Keep 12) and I already have 15 keeper-worthy studs and b) I need a winger who is producing here and now, since James Neal got hurt and Troy Brouwer was blowing it. Naturally, as happens to all of us when we’re in the middle of trade talks, Hertl goes out and scores four times, scuttling any and all discussion on the matter. He knows damn well that he’s not getting those goals without my attempt at acquiring him, so yes a thank-you is in order!

By the way, I would still do this move and when the Hertl-hype dies down, the other guy would be well advised to revisit the issue (hint hint, if he’s reading). In the long run, Hertl’s upside is low-70s vs. Lindholm in the high-70s. And Hertl would need help from linemates, whereas Lindholm ‘is’ the linemate (or will be).

Speaking of Hertl, he was knocked out of Saturday’s game (shoulder) and missed practice Sunday. And speaking of Lindholm, he was injured in Friday’s game and was not in the lineup Sunday. So in hindsight, perhaps I cursed both of them.


Although Michael Frolik picked up a pair of points late in yesterday’s game, his lack of ice time is still concerning. Before I can give him a stamp of approval as a ‘safe’ pick, he needs the confidences of his coach. He’s up to 1:14 of PP ice time now. That’s total, not ‘per game’. And he saw just 10:13 of ice on Sunday. Despite that, he has five points in six games. If he does break through that barrier and get played on the PP, it will be at the expense of