Forensics: The Early Rise of Mason Raymond

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Is the rejuvenated winger worth adding to your roster?


Unless you are dealing with a naive Leafs fan or an attached Canucks fan, the increasing addition of Mason Raymond to fantasy rosters has been quiet and under the radar. His start has been impressive but most of us know it is going to be short lived. So what is the point of writing about Raymond and his relevance this year?


Well it turns out, he has some believers. Before the season started, Raymond showed up on less than 5% of fantasy rosters. Cue the ripple effect from six points in six games and now 22% of poolies have jumped on the bandwagon in Yahoo leagues and 40% have climbed aboard in CBS leagues.


We are dealing with a small sample size, but here are Mason Raymond's statistics this season courtesy of Frozen Pool, which outline his early season rise:


2013-2014 Regular Season