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Stephen Weiss will help Detroit, but expect his fantasy value to take a hit

I am going to be taking a look at Russ Miller's Eastern Edge column written earlier this week about Stephen Weiss, Justin Abdelkader and Cody Hodgson.


Detroit have not been a favorite team of mine for a while. Truth be told, I have been expecting them to crash, but they have proven me wrong and it’s because of their strong commitment to team play. While they have made the playoffs and their top line produces, they slowly erode away for fantasy purposes.


They remind me too much of what New Jersey was like. They too were losing a player here and a player there but always stayed strong enough to make the playoffs. One day though Detroit will remind people of what New Jersey is like right now.


There is so much talk about how the Wings draft well and keep on going, but when it takes guys like Tomas Tatar and Gustav Nyquist so long to contribute substantially and they don't keep the likes of Jiri Hudler and Valtteri Filppula it has weakened them. They need to replenish their talented youth.


Going out and getting Stephen Weiss and Daniel Alfredsson this summer might help the team get into the playoffs but it is not a long term investment. In Weiss' case, I do not think it will pay off for fantasy owners.


Weiss was a main figure on a poor team. Now he is a second liner on a good team and he is more focused on making the playoffs than about his individual statistics. As long as the team wins then he won't feel too much pressure to perform. The playoffs are why he chose to sign with the Wings.


There was a video done either before the season started or on opening day where the interviewer talked to Weiss about signing with the Red Wings, but I cannot seem to find it now. I can see him being a good pickup for the playoffs after a so-so regular season and that probably will be true for some of the years he is playing for them.


I agree with Russ' comments about Abdelkader being a top third liner who plays second line minutes. He will continue to have good looks on the second line because injuries will impact Todd Bertuzzi, Mikael Samuelsson and Johan Franzen.


He won't seriously be missing out on top six minutes until Tatar, Nyquist and other prospects start to make their mark.


Nobody likes being on a sinking ship and that