October 21, 2013

Dobber Sports


Another quick note on the site upgrades – still a couple more weeks of this. You will see things such as the sites being down for a few minutes, the DobberHockey ramblings app crashing (get the app here), etc. Little things really. But it’s for the greater good and things will be tip-top shape by November I hope. At this point, the app is working fine again and you can stream ramblings to your phone okay.


Brad Marchand, Boston’s leading scorer last year, is starting to see a – small – amount of PP time and now ranks sixth among team forwards in PP ice time. But basically the Bruins lost one PP guy (Seguin) and gained two (Iginla and Eriksson). Sure they had Jagr, but only for a handful of games. Unless someone on this team is injured in the near future, I’m not really comfortable with Marchand getting more than 45 or 50 points.


Mikhail Grabovski is down to the third line and his ice time is dropping. Meanwhile, Martin Erat gets promoted and hammers out three points Saturday. Erat saw nearly 18 minutes of action, which is about what he saw in his two prior games combined. Erat, like Grabbo, is legendary for his red-hot streaks and I have a feeling he’s just at the start of a nice run. Grabovski looked great there for awhile, but it turns out that he really is what he showed in Toronto – lots of promise but 50 points in the end.

If there was a way that Washington could meld Erat and Grabovski together, you would have a star 80-point forward.


I noticed a comment yesterday with criticism for Thom not covering all 13 Saturday games in the Sunday ramblings and I just want to explain the goal of the ramblings to newcomers to the site. A few years ago, I was desperately trying to cover all games and all the news, much like your Rotoworld or even TSN, with thoughts. The ramblings were no longer fun to write, I was burning out and frankly the stuff I was saying could be found anywhere else. I felt the pressure to cover everything when other sites already do it – and they do it with a staff of a dozen or more people. I then made the decision to get back to basics. Just write my thoughts, my observations, my research into my own leagues. Back to just bantering with the reader, like we’re having a beer in a pub. I no longer tried to cover all the games (sometimes none of the games) nor all the news. What I do (and Mike, Steve and Thom as well) is just provide unique insight on whatever jumps out at us while we watch games, go through the summaries and sift through the news. Sometimes that means all games get coverage. Sometimes it means none. But the goal is to give you fantasy hockey info and opinions that you won’t find anywhere else. Since that move was made, the ramblings are easier (and far more fun) to write, and frankly they help you with your fantasy team a lot more.

I’m always open for suggestions if you have a guy you want thoughts on because we missed something. Simply leave it in the comments below, or email me, or even tweet me. I may not respond, but I do read everything and try to add it to the next ramblings I do. I’m sure Steve, Mike and Thom would do the same thing. The Marchand note above was spurred on by an email from one of you guys, and the Erat note was thanks to a comment below the Sunday ramblings. So your opinion is absolutely read and often addressed. By speaking up, you do help the site do what it does best – help fantasy teams.


That tease Chris Stewart is back at it again. The Blues have a lot of players putting up points and everyone is healthy, so Stewart is back to where he was two years ago. Unproductive and unneeded – likely the former because of the latter. Whereas in 2012-13 he was desperately needed, so he was scoring goals. In the last three games, he saw