Thoughts on my fantasy hockey draft

Nathan Weselake




The Puck Pastor revisits his Pro League Draft strategy. How did he do?



One of the nice perks of being a feature writer at DobberHockey is you receive a coveted spot in the invite only Dobber Pro Wales Division Fantasy Hockey League on Yahoo (DPWDFHLOY). Yup, what some of you have toiled for years in the minor leagues to achieve, I had handed to me on a silver platter. There was nothing I had achieved as a fantasy hockey player which should have me in the “Pro” league – I had played the Yahoo format before but was hardly proficient at it. In fact, I haven’t won a pool for six years – this will come as no real surprise to those of you who have read my attempts at analysis and forecasting over the last month or so. But nevertheless, here we are. Me desperately camouflaging my lack of statistical and predictive abilities with a smokescreen of attempted humour and spiritual jargon. You reading it and sending me tweets asking for fantasy advice and emails to my church asking spiritual questions. Quite a pair you and I, codependent and loving it. I digress.

Like I said, I hadn’t exactly knocked it out of the park in my previous drafts and they were relatively shallow drafts compared to the DPWDFHLOY behemoth where nearly 400 players are chosen over 25 rounds. So you can imagine I was nervous to suddenly be able to play with the big boys. And big boys they were, I could tell as soon as I logged on. They all had cool names, slogans, and avatars. I had to retrieve my password from last year because I forgot it. But I figured with some study and prep I could be ready to more than hold my own, once I figured out the log in issues.

The night of the draft was scheduled for mid-way through a church board meeting of which I am the chair. I emailed the board members and tried my best to make it sound like a fantasy hockey draft was an integral part of my job description. That somehow through the online ministries of the PuckPastor the goals and vision of our church are being powerfully realized. At the time it was a bit of a stretch, although since then I have received an email request from someone in North Carolina to see if they could be a part of our House Churches, so I have some evidence for next year’s DPWDFHLOY draft. I hustled home after the meeting to get ready. First I ate some carbs then I set up the coffee table in my living room with two laptops (yeah, that’s how I roll), my tablet, Dobber Fantasy guide, and a beautifully pulled espresso