Identifying and Filling Needs

Terry Campkin


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Terry Campkin explains how to identify and fill needs in-season using common sense and the Fantasy Hockey Geek tools.


The NHL season is now well under way and you should be starting to get a pretty good picture of where your team(s) sit and how much work you have to do in order to bring home the championship. If you are in a Roto style league (either yearly total or a head-to-head weekly matchup style) then the most important thing to get a grasp on right now is which categories you are excelling at and which categories you need to improve on.


In one of the yearly leagues I am in, my team (Easton Fection) is an early season contender, having won all head-to-head matchups thus far and sitting in second place overall. This is a 12 team standard Yahoo! head to head league (G, A, +/-, PPP, SOG, PIM, W, Sv%, GAA, SO). A further look inside the numbers though, shows that I am not quite where I need to be in all categories:


Category: G A Plus/Minus PPP SOG PIM
EastonFriction 8 1 3 1 6 4


You can see that I am performing very well in Assists and PPPs, which is probably largely driven by the fact that I like to draft high quality defensemen early and high end d-men tend to excel in these categories. My shots are a little bit light, which is probably not helping my low goal total so I know I need to find some players who shoot and score. Looking at my PIMs, I am decent, but I can't afford to drop because teams ranked 5-8 have totals that are very close to mine.


Recently, I lost Mark Giordano to injury and I was looking for somebody on the waiver wire to replace him. This loss hurts my team, but it isn't a crushing blow that would jeopardize my season. Keeping in mind the category needs that I laid out above, I sought out to find a defense replacement that best fits my team.


I opened my league in Fantasy Hockey Geek to assist with my quest. What I like to do, is go into FHG and create a "mock" league that has all of the same settings as my league actually has, but I only enter the categories that I am looking for: in this instance Goals, Assists and Penalty Minutes. Running the numbers like this, FHG returns a list showing who in the league is most valuable