The Contrarian – Up and Downie

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The contrarian questions whether or not Steve Downie’s fantasy value declined when he was traded to Philadelphia.


(Editor’s note: Column obviously written prior to Downie’s concussion Saturday)


On Halloween, Steve Laidlaw broke down the Downie for Talbot trade. He contends that the player most hurt by the move is Steve Downie. Of course I disagree.


You can certainly understand his point of view. He was playing with Matt Duchene and Ryan O'Reilly. That is a nice gig if you can get it but it was not going to last because he was being showcased. This clip from TSN TH: Trading Places alludes to it.


We were unaware of it. Good GMs keep things close to their vests. We should have been able to read the signs though. Not including Downie, Colorado's wingers were O'Reilly, Gabriel Landeskog, Alex Tanguay and PA Parenteau. Each one of them is, or in Landeskog's case will be, making more money than Downie. Also remember that Tanguay was brought back this summer. These guys deserve to be playing on the top two lines. Downie was going to be the odd man out.

So Sakic did what any good GM should do, put an asset that he is willing to trade in a situation where his value can be accentuated without being overtly obvious. In their opinion Talbot was worth the exchange. If you look at the past trades that involved Downie, he wasn't moved for very much and when he went to Colorado he was also on the tail end of a contract.


Turning the attention to Downie's future with the Flyers, it does seem that he's falling into a similar situation where there are too many wingers.


In the previous TSN video link, Darren Dregger does say that Downie is a top six player and that other GMs would have liked to have had the opportunity to acquire him, especially if the cost was Talbot.


Rick Tocchet, former coach of the Lightning, feels that Downie could do well playing on a line with Claude Giroux. A quote from CSN Philadelphia, through, "He changes the momentum, and he's a natural right shot which would help Giroux. … Claude Giroux might start scoring goals playing with Steve Downie."


That he did so well in Colorado this year does suggest that he can perform and produce reasonable point totals on a top unit. If he is not playing with Giroux, then he could possibly be with former teammate Lecavallier.


No matter who he will be playing with hi