Kyle Okposo vs. Bryan Little

Rick Roos




Who is the better fantasy hockey own – Kyle Okposo or Bryan Little? Fantasy Hockey Cage Match!



This week's Cage Match examines two wingers (Kyle Okposo and Bryan Little) who finally look to be on their way to meeting the longstanding expectations of poolies. But are their hot starts for real (especially Okposo's, which sees him sitting among the top ten scorers in the NHL!); and which one will end up benefitting your team more? Cage Match is here to help guide your team to victory!

Career Path and Contract Status

Okposo, 25, had already played over 300 NHL games entering this season, having landed in the NHL in 2008 only two years after being selected 7th overall in the 2006 draft. Little turns 26 on November 12th, and like Okposo was a top pick (12th overall) in the same 2006 draft. But Little has nearly 100 more career NHL games under his belt, thanks not only to getting his first taste of the NHL a season earlier but also because of staying more consistently healthy than Okposo (more on this below).

Their scoring track records are comparable, with Okposo having a career points per game average entering this season of just under 0.61 and a career high of 52 points in 2009-10 (his second NHL season), while prior to this campaign Little's career high was 51 in 2008-09 (also his second NHL season) and he sat at a .56 points per game average.

Things are also pretty similar with respect to their contracts, as both are currently signed to five year deals with their original clubs. However, Okposo's is for only $14M, expiring after the 2015-16 season and with only one year (2015-16) that will see him earn more than $3.5M, while Little is on season one of a $23.5M deal in which this is the only season that will pay him less than $4.75M.

It was interesting – and somewhat surprising – to see that Okposo and Little have this much in common in these areas. Clearly neither player holds an edge so far.


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