November 06, 2013

Dobber Sports


Today marks DobberHockey’s eighth anniversary! Thank you everyone for making this work, and big thanks to all the writers and contributors over the years who helped this site succeed!


Update: Attention new forum users – anyone who registered to DobberHockey since 10/16 did not get registered to the forum and this is still an issue. Rather than fix this issue, we are going to move forward with upgrading the forum. Once upgraded, we’ll fix the issue at that point. If you login and can’t access the forum and would like to – email me and I’ll manually set you up.


In my Forecaster league (with the guys who do the magazine), keep 12 and I’m the back-to-back defending champ – but I’m off to a terrible start. Three things have hurt. One, Claude Giroux. Enough said there. Two, James Neal/Kris Letang. Enough said there. Three, I have too many good goalies. What? Yep. Never thought this would be an issue, but I have four goalies who I would rank in the Top 15 – Smith, Anderson, Bishop and Bobrovsky. And my poor decision-making as to which two to dress every week has cost me about 20 points in a pretty tight league in which first is about 50 ahead of me. So those 20 really matter. I mean, I sat Anderson when he had his best week. Ditto for Smith.

Anyway, I’m a patient man and I know I have a fabulous team. So I waited. And waited. And I’m still 11th out of 14. So beginning Saturday, I stepped up my activity in a big way – waiver bids, trade offers right/left/center. Here are the steps I’ve taken to right the ship. If you want to skip ahead to the games analysis and news, scroll down.

1. First, I shopped Bobrovsky trying desperately to land a quality winger and a good draft pick or two. It took a few rejections from about five different teams, and lots of back and forth, but I ended up trading:

Sergei Bobrovsky, Clarke MacArthur, Dan Hamhuis


Devan Dubnyk, Jonas Brodin, Dustin Brown, 8th round pick (13 rounds in the draft).

This move a) makes my G decision easier. Because it will be a long, long time (if ever) before I dress Dubnyk. But in the meantime, he’s the perfect No.4 G to sit on my bench becaus