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Dobber reveals nine underachieving players he’s targeting in trade talks


In going through teams in my three keeper fantasy leagues, I find my interest piqued by certain players who are doing horrible. No, David Desharnais isn’t one of them. Right now these players could be had for a song and the only serious cost to you is the roster spot that he wastes for the next month or so as you wait for him to come around. Or you drop him in January if he doesn’t.

Just a quick list of guys, when looking through teams in my leagues for trade offers. There will definitely be some slumping players that I didn’t address.


Buy Low


Carl Soderberg, Boston Bruins

It may be too late for the 28-year-old first-year player, since he has six points in his last five games. But I’ve put some feelers out. You never know. His current pace is 51 points and I think he’ll surpass that. But maybe his owner won’t.

Tyler Ennis, Buffalo Sabres

Ennis is a streaky player. We see it happen every year – 20 games, 20 points regardless of how bad a year he’s having. I really think we’ll see it again. Then we’ll get all excited and draft him early again next summer. And round and round we go. But meanwhile, I’d like to get him for a song and then turn him out for a higher price after he has his hot run.

Jiri Tlusty, Carolina Hurricanes

I don’t feel that Tlusty will turn it around enough to get to 55 points, but do think he’ll turn it around and get 45. Not much help for my needs this year, but enough to give me hope for next year. I already landed him for a draft pick. Carolina, and in particular Eric Staal, turns it up in the second half each year.

Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes

Still going with my “Carolina will have a str