November 27, 2013

Dobber Sports


Buffalo has claimed Matt D’Agostini off of waivers and I’m interested. Not “grab him off the wire now” interested, but “watch and see” interested. He’ll finally get some ice time there, I’d think.


Paul Martin update – broken tibia. Yep, we won’t see him until the New Year for sure. From a fantasy standpoint, I like the short-term bump for Letang, Maatta and Niskanen. Though from a PIT fan standpoint, it certainly hurts.


If you’re looking for more fantasy hockey reading material, my article over at the Hockey News is on 13 players who have been excelling on home ice. Tomorrow I look at the road warriors.


While there are still a few bugs left to cover in the Forum, I am hereby calling the “BETA” version complete. Please go and enjoy. The key bugs have been fixed and navigation is nice and slick. The last two weeks have created some negativity among some users, but in hindsight I’m glad I didn’t shut the forum down for a week and do the fixes that way. The fixes were done live, while you were still allowed to ask your questions (and help me with bug reports along the way).

So, as of Tuesday night, I declare the new forum ready to go. You can now embed video, quickly comment and like (i.e. “REP”) posts, navigate just the ‘latest activity’, look at the new posts or today’s posts. You can format your post easily (CTRL B to bold a word) and as long as you don’t adjust font size (still a known bug) you can change your signature now. Lots of fun! And to celebrate the launch, I’ll be answering questions all day and responding to every post I can get my hands on in there – as I’ve been doing for the last two days. Check it out.


Figures that Jonas Hiller puts up a stinker two days after I give him props. Thanks Jonas. He had a 2-1 lead five minutes into the third period when he gave up four goals in seven minutes. It was going so well and then…boom. Bottom drops out. I would guess that means Frederik Andersen will win get the next shutout start.

Mathieu Perreault has one point in his last nine games. Still getting the ice time, but he’s been lost with Teemu Selanne showing his age and Jakob Silfverberg out. Selanne has one point in his last 14 games after having six in seven.

Silfverberg’s injury (broken hand) will keep him out until almost Christmas.