Geek of the Week – Scottie Upshall

Terry Campkin


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Geek of the Week does a deep dig on surprisingly useful fantasy force Scottie Upshall

When Kris Versteeg was traded, there wasn't exactly a rush to the waiver wire to add whoever we thought would pick up the minutes of the departed Panther. The Panthers are pretty terrible and it wasn't obvious who would benefit, so most GMs probably ignored the news or considered some of Florida's youngsters in hopes of getting out in front of a breakout performance. Some younger players like Bjugastad have seen a bit of an uptick, but the biggest early benefactor of Versteeg's departure hasn't been a young gun, it has been our Geek of the Week: Scottie Upshall.


I was tipped off to Upshall when a buddy of mine whose fantasy knowledge I (somewhat) respect added him to his squad, "The Backes Streit Boyes". Scottie Upshall has not been on my fantasy hockey radar for about half a decade, so I was a bit skeptical when I saw the "added" beside his name last week but as I was writing my most recent piece on Eric Gelinas , Upshall's name appeared again – on my output from Fantasy Hockey Geek. I have updated the numbers now for the month of November (from the 1st up to the 28th) and here are the results:


(16 team Yahoo! league measuring G, A, +/-, SPG. PPP, Hits):


FHG Rank Name G A +/- SOG PPP Hits
59 Scottie Upshall 5 6 2 29 2 27


You can see from the above, that an Upshall add may have indeed been justified as he is providing some solid value of late. In 12 November games, Upshall has 10 points, which is the same total he has had over the past two entire seasons combined (albeit he only played 53 games). The numbers that Upshall has put up in November are pretty comparable to Andrew Ladd, who is a very solid fantasy hockey player in his own right:


FHG Rank Name G A +/- SOG PPP Hits
59 Scottie Upshall 5 6 2 29 2 27
69 Andrew L