Tournament – Best Multi-Category Player Round 1

Rick Roos




Who is the best multi-category player to own in Roto hockey? Influence the result!


Welcome back to my first Cage Match tournament! We're going to crown the best multi-cat player in the NHL (based on Hits, Blocked Shots, PIMs, and Shots), and your votes will decide the winner! If you haven't read last week's column, be sure to check it out before voting to see what brought us here and to give you some useful background.

Actual voting will take place within the Black Aces area of the Forums, and for each match I've included a link to vote – just click on "VOTE HERE" to be taken to the voting area for that particular match. Voting closes on Sunday December 8th to give me time to tally the results before next week's column. This week we'll go from the initial 32 players (eight in each of four brackets) down to 16. Next week, we narrow the field from 16 to eight, and the week after that from eight to four – one winner in each bracket. From there, we'll get the finalists who'll battle to determine the champion.

As with last week, after the brackets I've included a bonus "real life" Cage Match, where instead of comparing two hockey players I'll tackle a different side-by-side debate. This week it's craps versus roulette in a battle to determine the better non-blackjack casino game.


Bracket #1 – The Young Guns (all 25 years old or younger)

#1 Evander Kane vs. #8 Brenden DillonVOTE HERE

#2 Radko Gudas vs. #7 Matt MartinVOTE HERE