December 04, 2013

Dobber Sports


Henrik Lundqvist has signed a seven-year extension worth $59.5 million


Andrej Sekera was back in the lineup for the Hurricanes and has truly emerged as their go-to PP guy. He played 24:21 with 4:41 on the PP and scored his career-high sixth goal. Other than his fragility, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be owned in most league formats.

Nathan Gerbe saw a season low 11:49 TOI. This is the result of being stuck on a line with Elias Lindholm, who is getting limited minutes in his first NHL season. But it doesn’t bode well for his short-term outlook, that’s for sure.


The problem with acquiring Band-Aid Boys who are doing extremely well – especially in keeper leagues – is that the moment they get hurt their value reverts to where they were at before the season began. But what if they don’t get hurt? This is what fantasy owners are wrestling with when it comes to Alex Steen and, to a lesser extent, James Wisniewski. I could have acquired Wisniewski in the offseason for a song. Now he’d cost me more than my Michael Del Zotto (a notion that was so very laughable two months ago). But if I paid the piper and acquired the Wiz and he sprains his knee next week, I couldn’t trade him for the lowest possible asset our league has (a future fourth-round draft pick is as low as it gets). Because he’s hurt every season and really has just one good year under his belt in his career. That’s the dilemma both sides wrestle with. His current owner doesn’t want to be stuck holding the hot potato when the music stops (does that game go by music? Can’t remember).

With Steen, the stakes are higher. Now the asking price is hefty. Steen plus a small asset for Phil Kessel? Steen for Parise? These were laughable asking prices two weeks ago. Now they just make you smile. Two weeks from now if the situation remains as is…well, it becomes all too serious. Fantasy hockey can indeed become very much a game of luck. All you can do is play the odds as best you can and the odds are that both Steen and the Wiz will be injured – likely for 10 games, perhaps 15. If it’s 10, how will they do? It looks like Wisniewski would still top 40 points in 70 games. And it looks like Steen will reach 70 in 70. So I would say treat it like that.


I heard from a source that Henrik Lundqvist‘s shoulder, injured in the postseason against the Bruins back in May, could still be bothering him. It would certainly go a long way towards explaining his sluggish season and would change my outlook on him for the remainder of the campaign, if true. Unless it’s a keeper league, I’m backing off o