Dobber’s Christmas Shopping Guide

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Some last minute gift ideas for the hockey fan in your home (so get  your spouse to read this!)





This weekend, a lot of you slackers are hitting the malls for some last minute Christmas shopping. But those of you who are somewhat lazier – it’s not too late to grab something online! Either way, you want the “what to buy” decision to be quick and painless.


Here are some ideas. Perhaps I can shave off 10 or 15 minutes from your scrambling. And given how the malls are on a weekend in mid-December – those minutes are pretty precious.



Behind the Net – 101 Incredible Hockey Stories (By Stan Fischler)


Upon reading the introduction, I remember thinking – “Wow…just how old is this guy?”. It turns out he’s 81. But honestly, the last time I saw him on TV just a couple of months ago and he hasn’t changed a bit from when I was reading him in The Hockey News back in the late 80s. He was a hockey fan from the get go, and was present for a lot of amazing hockey events. Here he lists the 101 most incredible, which probably doesn’t surprise you given the title of the book.


Each story is in a nice, compact, easy-to-read three- or four-page chapter. And that works out great for me, as I can take a break from whatever novel I’m reading and pound through another two or three of his stories. He kicks things off with the Leafs collapse against the Boston Bruins in a Game 7 of the playoffs, taking us way back to, uh, May. But from there, Fischler regales us with stories about the 21-second hat trick, the goalie who faced 83 shots in a game, the biggest brawl in NHL history – and more.




Flips Headphones


I was sent a set of Flips headphones to try out and a plug is definitely in order. 

 Actually, I’ll plug anything that a company wants to give me, as long as they’re comfortable with my giving the bad with the good. But in the case of Flips – I have nothing bad to say. Other than they’re not sold in stores in Canada yet, but you can have th