January 08, 2014

Dobber Sports


Countdown is on – four days away from the release (and return) of my Midseason Guide! The seventh edition was missed last year thanks to the battle between the millionaires and billionaires, but it’s back stronger than ever with deep analysis and the usual strong second-half projections and advice!


The big buzz yesterday, of course, were the Olympic teams being named – and the players left off. I won’t get into it too far here, because I was very active in the forum yesterday and free with all of my thoughts on it. The posts are red hot right now if you want to chime in. Here are a few of the good ones:

Team Russia roster discussion

Team World-All-Exclusion Squad (I put together my team of castoffs from around the world – done prior to Team Russia being announced though)

Poll: Most Glaring Omission from Team Canada

Other discussions in the forum also sucked me in – such as Team Canada’s total salary, omissions from other teams, etc.

And on that note, I’ll move onto fantasy hockey.


Oh wait – one more thing. What the hell is up with the idiots in the suits for Hockey Canada? Those speeches were brutal. Boring, pointless pomp-and-circumstance and told us absolutely nothing. I’m trying to pump my young kids up about this big event, and I had to call them back into the room three times they were so bored. “It’s coming in a minute – they’re announcing the team!” And it took like 20 minutes of useless waste of time before they finally brought Yzerman up. Marcel Aubut – for next time – just shut up. We don’t need a speech. Just say “here is Steve Yzerman” and then go away. /rant


The Carolina/ Buffalo game was postponed due to the crazy weather in Buffalo. Crazy up here around Toronto as well. I kept my kids home from school yesterday. With the Olympic break, you could see this game rescheduled for down the stretch, making those players a little more valuable in H2H leagues with playoffs.


With three more points last night, give John Tavares 16 points over his seven-game points streak. It moves him into a tie for second in NHL scoring – and I’m not a believer in Patrick Kane being able to hold him off.

Interesting development with a prospect on the cusp of “bust” status. Calvin de Haan scored his first NHL goal here. And he has three points in his last two games. Ice time is consistently over 20 minutes. But his goal was, to be fair, a fluke: