January 9, 2014

steve laidlaw


Lazy night in the NHL with just three games – let's talk Olympics instead!

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First off, let me say that if you want to debate the selection of players to Team Canada or any of the other nations you can do so in the forums here and here and there are a few more threads kicking around too. Point being, the best place to debate that stuff is going to be in the forums, which have been heating up of late since the big update.


I have made the completely boring decision to end any and all criticism of the Canadian team until after the games. Why? Because what's done is done. This, whether we like it or not, is the team and if you are a proud Canadian hoping that they win the gold you'll have no choice but to cheer for these 25 players.


I suppose you could go the evil route and wish injury upon the players you feel did not deserve to be selected but that's a little overboard for me.


You could also wish that whichever player you feel didn't deserve a selection finds his butt glued to the bench. And you know what, your wish might come true but I'd rather see a selection flourish because that means the team is more likely to win.


Now, to be fair, we all wanted to see our favourite players make their respective national teams. It just makes watching and cheering that much more fun. But I'm all about the Gold. I'd cheer for Canada even if it was headlined by Brad Marchand, Todd Bertuzzi and a flip-flopping Brett Hull.