January 20, 2014

Dobber Sports


I randomly selected from those who purchased the Midseason Guide either on or before the release date and gave away 20 Frozen Pool packages as a thank you. Sales on this Guide were down this year. Not by 10% or 25% but by nearly half. This is a combination of lockout residual and the site upgrades that have caused problems and lost some regular readers. So to try and get this guide out there I discounted it by $3 over the weekend. It worked, I got it into some more hands.

The Mini-Pack, which most of the advanced buyers purchased, sells the Midseason Guide for $6.99. So I discounted the guide on the weekend to the same price it was already selling for anyway, just without the needing package.

For what it’s worth, I recaptured more than half of that shortfall thanks to the promotion. I appreciate that everyone – thanks for the support. I know you’ll enjoy your product.


Also, some forum news. I have it on good authority that the 12 remaining minor issues that are outstanding – including private messaging, email alerts, account settings and ‘already read post’ indicators – will be completed by Friday. Do I believe it? No. Nothing ever goes smooth. But I do believe that the bulk of them will be fixed and rolling this week after six weeks of no work done at all.


Writer Darren Kennedy and I have been going back and forth for a little while about the Big 3 and how he is adamant that Stamkos is a member and makes it a Big 4. But I suddenly realized where the disconnect was and I now recognize that most readers probably think the same way. So I’ll explain it here.

In terms of fantasy draft value, I agree with Darren and most of you. Of course Stamkos is a member. In fact, I would open it up to the Big 7 and include Tavares, Karlsson and Lundqvist in it as “must have” players early in the first round year in and year out.

Where the disconnect was is why I call them the Big 3. It’s upside. It’s the intriguing possibility of what they can do. Stamkos is awesome and with St. Louis (and later Drouin) he could probably get 115 or maybe in a perfect season get 120. That’s just not Big 3 material. In a perfect season, Malkin, Ovechkin and Crosby can get 130+ points. Will they? Probably not (so don’t run around saying that I wrote it as a definite fact – I did not). It would take the right coaching, linemates and especially 82 games. But they could do that and that’s why they’re the Big 3. Nothing to do with fantasy value or how I think a player will do in the coming season. If it was fantasy-draft value, then Stamkos is involved – of course he is, don’t be so dumb as to ever believe that I feel or felt differently and under that definition it’s a Big 4.

Big 3 is upside when I use the term. I think when others use it and refer to me, they warp my definition to be ‘fantasy drafting value’.

Nope. It’s upside. Stamkos is not there. In fact, I’ll take it one step further. If I were to consider a Big 4 right now it would be with Tavares, not Stamkos. We