Geek of the Week – Jamie McGinn

Terry Campkin


Jamie McGinn

Geek of the Week digs into Jamie McGinn’s sneaky fantasy value.

Last week, I offered up Johnny Boychuk as an example of a player who is widely available and ready to help you make a push towards your league's playoffs. Today, I am going to take a look at another such player: Jamie McGinn.


Jamie McGinn is currently only 5% owned in Yahoo! leagues and based on the data I pulled from Fantasy Hockey Geek, I would say that ownership level is justifiable:


Rank Player G A +/- PPP SOG Hits
217 Jamie McGinn 14 11 0 5 105 112
404 Nick Spaling 10 11 2 4 61 33


You can see from the above that for the season, McGinn is only the 217th most valuable player in a league of this format, making it easy to understand why he isn't on many fantasy hockey teams. With 26 points in 56 games and only 5 on the man advantage, McGinn isn't offering up much in terms of offensive output. McGinn isn't as bad as he could be though because he does shoot and hit at a decent rate. Look how that impacts his value compared to somebody like Nick Spaling who has similar offensive output but lacks in peripherals: McGinn is almost 200 slots higher!


I find that differentiating players like McGinn and Spaling is what makes FHG so valuable. I would probably know just by looking at the numbers that McGinn was the more valuable own, but I probably wouldn't have guessed that the gap was so big. FHG can calculate the exact value gap between these types of players and help to decide which players might be worth adding and which are better left on the wire.


As a personal aside – McGinn is one lower-end players that I keep on my radar as a weekly stream because he contributes pretty well in shots and hits for a player who is usually un-owned. In a head to head league, I will often add a player who happens to fit well into my schedule for a short period of time to put me over the top in these two categories for a matchup, and I typically target shots and hits because they tend to be more reliable over a short sample size like a one-week add. McGinn can be particularly helpful next week (March 10th) when Colorado plays four games on off nights (Mon, Wed, Fri and Sun) so I know he won't just be sitting on my bench.

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Back to some more FHG goodness: there is way more with McGinn than his yearly production numbers. Recently, he has been seeing some good PP minutes with O'Rielly, Parenteau and Matty Duch which is a situation that is sure to help any players' value. Take a look at his how McGinn's value has shot up since Jan 15th:


Rank Player G A +/- PPP SOG Hits
85 Jamie McGinn 5 4 -5 3 30 22


Over that 13 game stretch, McGinn has been the