March 02, 2014

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For those who missed seeing the breakdown of the Pirri deal on the front page, read it here.


I saw a graphic Saturday night that showed Evgeni Malkin led the NHL in points over the last three seasons, while Phil Kessel is second. Just more ammo for the pro-Malkin people in their battle with the pro-Stamkos gang.

Just something that popped in my head – would Phil Kessel have made Team Canada? The easy answer is – yes. But I don’t want an easy answer. I want the answer that left Claude Giroux off the team, or initially Marty St. Louis off the team. Who would they leave out? Don’t say Kunitz – you and I both know they were pretty stubborn about having Kunitz on that team.


What’s going on with Pat Lafontaine? Did that serious concussion that ended his career give him a bit of a temper? While nobody knows for certain why he left the Sabres, and he’s taking the high road with his press release by saying that the job was temporary to begin with, you can’t help but believe he quit because he wasn’t happy with a decision made over his head. He did the same thing with the Islanders. Will any other team hire him now? Storming off over a disagreement, if that’s indeed what he did, is not the smartest thing to do. Most executives wait a month or two so that outsiders don’t jump to these kinds of conclusions. But if La-la-la-lafontaine is upset that the team didn’t re-sign Miller, this isn’t the response to make. The reality is, Miller wasn’t going to sign there again and this was the right move. It was actually a decent trade. For all he knows, this was a decent trade and not only could Halak be a better goalie if he can stay healthy for five minutes, but maybe he would be inclined to re-sign there. If that happens, then the pro-Miller people will look pretty silly. Anyway, shocked and disappointed when I heard this news Saturday night. It’s great to have standards and stick by them, but you can’t have a ‘do this or I’ll quit’ kind of attitude – if that’s indeed what’s going on here.


Daniel Sedin left Sunday’s contest with a lower body injury. He couldn’t put any weight on it. He has one point in 17 games. (!)

Eddie Lack got the start for the Canucks, which makes it three in a row. What gives? Join the discussion here.

John Tortorella defends the decision to start Lack again: