Fantasy Impact: Rundblad to the Blackhawks

steve laidlaw



Fantasy Impact: The Chicago Blackhawks acquired David Rundblad from the Phoenix Coyotes for a second round pick.

The Coyotes get: A decent pick in exchange for a player they didn't really have much use for.

The Blackhawks get: An intriguing defenseman prospect in Rundblad, who will help add depth to this squad as they gear up for another playoff run.

Fantasy Players Impacted: It seems unlikely that Rundblad will jump straight to the Blackhawks but instead will start off in the minors. After all, Rundblad couldn't even crack the Coyotes.


Of course, the Coyotes are loaded defensemen both at the NHL level and on the farm. Moving Rundblad helps clear a path for the likes of Brandon Gormley and Connor Murphy.


In Chicago, Rundblad will be in tough for an NHL roster spot but he need only compete with Adam Clendening for a lineup spot in the future. Still, landing on the loaded Blackhawks is an upgrade even if his odds of being a productive NHLer are slim.

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Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. David Rundblad

2. Brandon Gormley

3. Connor Murphy


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Adam Clendening