March 12, 2014

Dobber Sports


Those of you into UFC, I’m running a fun little pool here if you want to join.


My column for The Hockey News yesterday continues my look at the Trade Deadline

Look at this headline. Funny. The good people of Nashville have been starved for offense for so long that four goals is considered “pouring on the offense” and the fact that they scored four in two straight games is headline-worthy.


I posted a couple of videos in the forum last night showing the chemistry that Jordan Staal and Jiri Tlusty had last night. They’ve been together for a few games now, but maybe the pieces are falling into place after a couple of nice goals last night. Too late to help their fantasy owners – Tlusty should have 37 or 38 points by now and Staal should have 45. Instead, they barely have half that.

How many of you took advantage of the “he’s playing with his brother” hype and traded Jordan when he went to the Hurricanes? It’s actually looking like he’s a worse producer as a second-line center for Carolina than he was as a third-line center for Pittsburgh. After 113 games, he has 63 points for the Canes – which is a 46-point player.

Tlusty is an RFA this summer, and not looking at much of a raise on his $1.6 million. What’s the minimum the Canes have to offer, 10%? So $1.76 million qualifying offer. He should take it. And I’d give him one more year before writing him off. I wouldn’t draft him – I’m just saying I’d keep an open mind on him…maybe in the bench rounds of the draft.


Another game, another Brad RichardsMartin St. Louis fail. One assist in four games for each of them. How much longer would you give them as linemates? What if they swapped Carl Hagelin out for Chris Kreider or Rick Nash?


The Cam Ward win in conjunction with Khudobin’s blowout from last game will see to it that Ward gets the next start and as long as he’s at minimum ‘average’…the ‘Canes will keep riding him. Ah, the advantages of being a Golden Boy.

Andrej Sekera reached the 40-point mark last night. I knew he could do it! He has 16 points in his last 17 games (plus-9).