Capped: March ELCs and their Cap League Appeal

Eric Daoust



Daoust discusses 10 new signings and their cap league impacts…


This time of the year can be the most exciting in many fantasy leagues. Your trade deadline has just passed or is just around the corner and teams are preparing for the final stretch of the season. Additionally, there are a ton of entry-level contract signings that will have an impact either in the near or more distant future. Most of these signings come from junior and college hockey.


In fantasy hockey prospects carry much more value in leagues that have farm rosters or other forms of protection. That way, teams can hold on to prospects while they develop and are not penalized on their main roster if the youngster is not immediately productive when they hit the NHL. In leagues with a salary cap, the cost of these prospects also has an impact on their shorter-term value. In essence, cheaper prospects on the farm roster are easier to call up to replace an injured NHLer, especially if your team is close to the salary cap ceiling. On the flip side, those that cost more will be more difficult to call up unless the cap hit of the injured player makes such a move possible.


With that in mind, today we will look at 10 entry-level signings that have taken place so far in March along with each player’s value, both in the short and longer term.

Patrik Bartosak (G – Los Angeles)
Contract: $620,000 / 3 years
Drafted: 95th overall in 2009


Bartosak, who turns 21 in two weeks, enters a Kings’ pipeline that is pretty thin in goal following the trades of Jonathan Bernier and Ben Scrivens. Given the precedence of the Kings trading their backup goaltenders, it is reasonable to think that it could happen again in the next year or two if current backup Martin Jones continues to build his trade value. At that point it could be Bartosak or Jean-Francois Berube getting the call to Los Angeles. If he makes it to the NHL at his current cap hit, he could have good value for spot starts on a strong club.

Brady Brassart (F – Minnesota)
Contract: $836,667 / 3 years
Drafted: Undrafted


Brassart is a good two-way prospect who plays with an edge. The 20-year-old will probably join the Wild’s AHL squad next year where he will continue his development. He could have value in multi-category leagues over the next couple years if he earns call-ups to Minnesota in an energy-line role. Long-term, his offensive potential is limited but he could carve out a nice career as a depth scorer that gives your fantasy team a bit of everything.

Cody Corbett (D – Colorado)
Contract: $616,667 / 3 years
Drafted: Undrafted


Corbett is a defenseman with good size who has improved a lot over the last two years. Defensemen take longer to develop so it is not uncommon for unknown prospects to make their mark at an older age. Corbett’s development will continue in the AHL next year in an Avalanche organization that while not terrible among blueline prospects does not possess a lot of quality talent. And while the defense corps on the main roster have gotten the job done this year, they possess journeymen that individually are replaceable. This gives the likes of Corbett a decent opportunity to climb the ladder in the coming years. It will take a couple years but he could provide decent secondary scoring to your lineup.

Kevin Czucz