Looking Back…at March, 2009 Top Players

Darren Kennedy



A look back at the $98 million dollar man as he exits – stage left – from the fantasy elite. Zach Parise.


We had our inaugural keeper league draft five years ago. It was an interesting time to start a league. The big three (Crosby, Malkin, and Ovechkin) had created a massive gap between them and other potential first round selections. This meant there was a lot of angst around our draft lottery. I was lucky enough to land the second overall pick and took Malkin (he's still with my team today) but I felt bad (well, as bad as you can feel for a rival poolie) for the guys selecting fourth and fifth.

There were 10 or 15 different options in those spots. Did you go Kovalchuk? Accepting the poor plus minus but hoping for 40 goal seasons? Maybe Datsyuk? Or Zetterberg? At the time Heatley looked like he would grow old on Thornton's wing, drafting into the sunset along with point per game season after point per game season.

Ultimately the manager at four selected Getzlaf and then at five it was Zach Parise off the board. He was far from an "off the board" selection. If I remember correctly there was a bunch of *head nods* around the table to the effect of "yeah, that feels about right."

At that time Parise had posted a 45 goal, 49 assist, 364 shot season in 2008-2009. He was the kind of asset you built a long term plan around.

His slot in the Dobber rankings of March, 2009, reflected the value he possessed:


March Player Team
1 Evgeni Malkin PIT
2 Alexander Ovechkin WAS
3 Sidney Crosby PIT