Capped: Season Review – Cap Bargain Forwards

Eric Daoust



Which forwards were the best bang for the buck this season?


The NHL playoffs are well underway and for many of you so is the offseason in your keeper league. At this time while you’re not enjoying the intense hockey on TV you are thinking about your roster. You may be trimming your roster for a keeper re-draft or you may be thinking ahead to the prospect draft. In salary cap leagues the summer will throw a bunch of curve balls in your direction and can often leave you with a financially illegal roster in no time.


Beyond your own team, the free agent signing period brings a ton of change to player fantasy value across the league. What used to be a cheap bargain depth player filling your final roster spot admirably can become a more fairly-paid player that is simply too rich to fit on your squad. By the time your hand is being forced, that player’s value on the trade market has also changed.


Using Capgeek’s Bargain Hunter tool, we will look back at the most cost-effective forwards of this season as well as the most productive players on this list of cheap scorers.  From these lists we can draw conclusions based on which players are currently there to figure out how to best go about finding a replacement for your departing former player.

Note: Under the Years Left (YRL) column “X” signifies that the player already signed a contract extension while “R” means that the player is a restricted free agent this summer.

Best Bang For The Buck