Capped: Reviewing the 2013 Compliance Buyouts

Eric Daoust



The five most impactful compliance buyouts in 2013.


The NHL’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement and its new rules allowed teams two free buyouts that could be use either last summer or the one coming up. A total of 15 players were bought out last year and more are expected after the postseason is over.


The implication of each buyout can be very significant in many ways. The player’s former team has freed a roster spot and has taken a contract off of its salary cap payroll. The player’s new team signed the player to fill a need. The player himself has a new cap hit which impacts his cap-league fantasy value as well as a new opportunity.


Today we will look at the five most significant compliance buyouts from last summer as well as their impact on all parties involved.

Daniel Briere

Old Cap Hit (PHI): $6,500,000
New Cap Hit (MTL): $4,000,000 (two years)

Impact on the Flyers


Briere’s buyout enabled the team to sign fellow compliance buyout Vincent Lecavalier (more on him later).

Impact on the Canadiens


Briere was basically the replacement of Michael Ryder and Erik Cole who had similar cap hits last year.



Briere’s tenure as a Flyer ended last summer after the undersized forward saw his production decline over the prior two seasons. He elected to sign in Montreal at a cap hit of $4 million, a mark that had to be appealing to poolies given his history of production at the offensive end of the ice. Even at his age of 36 there was a possibility that he puts up enough points to justify his new deal without the risk of being a fantasy disaster at his old cost.


Unfortunately, the decline in points continued as he once again posted a worse points-per-game tota than the