May 28, 2014

Dobber Sports


Just some minor notes this afternoon – the Stanley Cup Final (no ‘s’) will begin on June 4 and at the latest will end June 18.

Edmonton prospect defenseman Philip Larsen has signed to play next season in the KHL. No big shocker there…



That was one hell of a game Tuesday – from 100 goals being scored in the second period and chasing Henrik Lundqvist, to 100 penalties in the third period, to the Rangers having nobody in net for the final four or five minutes (Mr. Invisible allowed one goal on one shot)

Derek Stepan was back in the lineup with a contraption around his jaw, after missing one game. The guy scores twice and actually looked to be the difference maker before the Habs started pulling away again.

With his four-point game last night, Chris Kreider has 10 of them in nine playoff games. There’s your difference maker. The way he looks now, you’d think he’s ready to break out next season.

With the hat trick, give Rene Bourque eight goals, 11 points in 16 contests. He had nine goals and 16 points all season (and seven goals and 13 points all of last season).

Part of the third-period penalty onslaught was this late hit by John Moore. He got five and a game – will there be more?



Columbus has signed their coach, Todd Richards, to a two-year extension. Richards turned them into a playoff team, and turned an average goaltender into an above-average one.



Per the St. Louis Blues twitter account, the team has hired former Buffalo goaltending coach Jim Corsi to be their goalie coach. Corsi – he of the first of the fancy stats: shots attempted, for versus against, when a player is on the ice. I can’t wait until that stat replaces the plus/minus stat and the plus/minus stat just goes the way of the dodo bird. He coached Ryan Miller for Miller’s entire NHL career…and then he joins the team that is letting Miller go. Irony!



The Kings have signed one of their more exciting prospects in Valentin Zykov, to an ELC. The deadline to sign the 2012 draft picks is fast approaching (this weekend), so you’ll see a slew of these go down over the next few days. To read more on Zykov, check out his scouting report here.