P.A. Parenteau to the Habs for Daniel Briere





Fantasy Impact: P.A. Parenteau has been traded by the Colorado Avalanche to the Montreal Canadiens for Daniel Briere.




The Habs get: a smart hockey player with good hands, but is fairly one-dimensional and not the fleetest of foot. Parenteau needs to be matched up with a top offensive player in order to flourish. He makes a great complimentary player though, as we’ve seen when he played with John Tavares and again with Matt Duchene. The trouble is – there is no Tavares or Duchene on the Canadiens.


The Avs get: an experienced veteran on a young team. Briere is known for stepping it up in the playoffs, and this talented team surely needs that. They also get a fifth-round draft pick.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Parenteau wasn’t going to do anything in Colorado this year. He didn’t have the biggest fan in Coach Patrick Roy. He’ll do better with Montreal, but don’t count on 60-plus points. Think 50. He really does need a stud on his line. Perhaps he’ll play with David Desharnais and Max Pacioretty.


Briere will continue to be a 30-point player with the Avalanche. That is what he is now, don’t expect more. But he’ll help in the postseason and is an asset to a young team. It’s a one-for-one swap of forwards, so nobody is getting displaced here, though Parenteau will take up more PP time than Briere would have, which could hurt Brendan Gallagher, Lars Eller and even Alex Galchenyuk.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Parenteau, however marginally 



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Gallagher, Eller, Galchenyuk 


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