10 Potentially Underrated/Overrated Free Agent Signings





Four UFA’s who could be unexpectedly huge in fantasy hockey…and six UFA’s who are destined to disappoint

The NHL silly season is starting July 1 with Free Agent Frenzy, and there are some big names available. The problem is, a “big name” does not necessarily mean “big production”. Although it will most assuredly mean “big money”.



Here are six big-name players who are getting too much hype in both real and fantasy hockey. Whoever is left holding these hot potatoes will soon regret it.


Ryan Miller – His 0.923 save percentage last season while with Buffalo aside, Miller hasn’t been the same goaltender since that Milan Lucic incident. If he can’t win games and post huge fantasy numbers on a St. Louis team with Ken Hitchcock as the coach, I shudder to see the results of his playing for a different team. The Blues need a starter next season and they’re letting Miller go. Does that not say something?

Best case: Minnesota. May not be quite so bad there, so there’s hope.


Here is the Lucic thing:




Brad Richards – First-line minutes and first-unit power-play time is leading to…50 points. He’s not getting any younger and I just get that “Vinny Lecavalier” vibe here. Richards will sign with a team for second-line money, and his new team (and fantasy owners) will be extremely disappointed when he fails to put up even 50 points when his minutes are cut.

Best case: Dallas. As a third-line center in familiar Dallas, he could be a solid 45-point player, seeing reasonable PP time.


Dan Boyle – An excellent defenseman to bring on board for his experience and as a secondary power-play supporter. But if a team expects him to be “the man”, they have another think coming. Boyle tallied 36 points last season and I would be shocked if he got back up over 40 again.

Best case: Detroit. In a Mike Babcock system, his shortcomings will be covered and he’ll be used a ton on what should be an effective power play.