Top 10 NHL Unrestricted Free Agents

Tom Collins




Top 10 unrestricted free agents, from a fantasy hockey standpoint


With the free agent frenzy starting tomorrow, it's an important time for fantasy owners in salary cap leagues.

In a couple of weeks, those owners will know how much they are over the cap thanks to ridiculous deals signed in the next couple of weeks. Or hopefully, how much under the cap they are so they can make some sort of move to make their team better.

So here are the top 10 unrestricted free agents from a fantasy point of view.


10. Matt Niskanen

There's a lot of red flag with Niskanen, and fantasy owners would be wise to not fall into the trap of expecting big things from free agent signings. Sure, Niskanen had a great year in Pittsburgh, as he posted 10 goals and 46 points in 81 games. But there are plenty of factors to consider: He received a lot of ice time thanks to injuries to Kris Letang and Paul Martin. Only once before has he ever been higher than 26 points in a season (what are the odds that he can post his best two seasons back-to-back in his seventh and eighth years in the league?). And of course, it wouldn't be the first time a UFA had a career year.

9. Ryan Miller

Miller should probably be higher on this list, but there's really no market right now for goalies. How man