July 30, 2014



The third annual Fantasy Football Guide is now out. Pick it up and enjoy – or buy it here if you haven’t yet. Just $5.99 for another week or so.


I’m pretty confident in saying that the nightmare is over. The site is up, the database changes that were needed are in, and I have contacts among the experts in various fields (web programming, database, etc) who I can contact quickly if something goes wrong. There were some settings on the server that were not ready for the upgrade that I did last week, and I also made a small adjustment that I shouldn’t have. Live and learn. But we’re full steam ahead now with all sites. Still some minor stuff (such as the ‘view full site’ text in the mobile platform is unclickable – and the main page is not putting the headlines in the right order), but I’ll chip away at that stuff after the Fantasy Guide is out.


The DobberHockey event Tuesday night was a lot of fun. I got to meet a handful of readers, and it was also nice to meet Justin Goldman in person after seven years of phone/ Skype/email conversations. I didn’t get too many pictures, but I was able to grab a couple that you can see here.


One thing I learned from Goldman (among many) – Keith Primeau‘s son is one of the best ’99 goalies in the country (U.S.A.)


Jake Gardiner signed a big five-year deal worth $20.25 million. That’s an “I’ll never scratch you again” deal. That’s an “I’ll never play you less than 18 minutes again” deal. We’re going to see a lot of Gardiner this season and it’s going to equate to 40+ points.

That was also a “We’re trading Cody Franson ASAP” deal.

Would Gardiner’s old partner from college (Justin Schultz) get a similar deal? More? Less?


Peter Mueller is back in the NHL! Or so says his agent. What Dobber says is “Peter Mueller is going to the AHL!”

Why he signed for a two-way deal with St. Louis is beyond me. I would have signed back in Switzerland if I were him. As I noted on Twitter yesterday, if we assume that there are 11 “locks” on the Blues (and that includes names like Reaves and Lapierre), then there are four players looking for those last two spots – Mueller,