Fantasy Hockey Ramblings – Aug 26 2014



Morozov retires, key fantasy hockey defensemen, and what you can do to kickstart the trade action in your league …


The Fantasy Hockey Guide was last updated yesterday. Find me another fantasy guide out there with Devin Setoguchi in the Calgary lineup with a projection. I dare ya! The Draft List was also updated with Band-Aid Boys, plus/minus and power-play points added.

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A couple of plugs – my Hockey News article Tuesday continued the offseason team- by -team looks. I did a couple of ‘okay’ teams, I guess. If you like awesome, that is. Chicago and Pittsburgh.

And my Puck Daddy piece yesterday went over some key fantasy hockey defensemen.


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Did you catch this story on TSN? Corey Sznajder is watching all 1230 NHL games from last season and gathering zone entry information. Some interesting tidbits:

“At the 2013 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, I met Eric Tulsky, who presented research on the value of controlled zone entries (short answer: about twice as valuable to enter with control of the puck rather than dumping it in) and Sznajder had charted a couple hundred games that were included in that study.”

” What is Sznajder charting? Whether a team enters the zone under control of the puck or if it is dumped in and that is done for approximately 150 even-strength zone entries per game. As Sznajder says, “There is also an ‘X’ category, for broken plays, like a puck deflecting off a player in the neutral zone that suddenly turns into a scoring chance.” That’s a very small percentage, but Sznajder admits they drive him crazy.”