Fantasy Hockey Ramblings – Aug 29 2014



Some rookie camp rosters, why my Guide is so awesome, Hedman still underrated; and more …


Yesterday in the comments someone noted “Don’t you think it’s a little unfair to dare people to find another guide out there with Devin Setoguchi in the Calgary lineup when you don’t have a print deadline to meet?” My answer – yes, it’s very unfair. And I’m going to continue not having a print deadline to meet and continue being unfair to the other guides out there. Because I want to give you an unfair advantage in your leagues. Buy it here


Three in a row! It’s been a while since I’ve banged out three ramblings in a row. Even though it’s cutting into my ‘easy’ month where I spend it with the family, and even though hockey news is hard to come by right now – I feel good doing it!


I’ve been involved in the forum a lot this summer, probably more than any other summer before. And one of the many things I’ve noticed is the lack of respect for Victor Hedman‘s fantasy value. I think everyone in the forum believes he’s Top 20 and most see him as Top 15… but not too many see him as a Top 10 defenseman. They think he’ll get there, yes. But they don’t believe he’s there yet. I have him seventh in my rankings and I whole-heartedly believe it and act accordingly in trade talks. In fact, in points-only leagues, which those rankings are for – I’d move Keith down a few spots which bumps Hedman up to six.