August 30, 2014

Michael Amato


Thoughts on Penner, Yakupov, and Schultz



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DobberHockey writer Tom Collins breaks down the key sleeper picks in his Puck Daddy debut here.


Watch for Dobber’s piece on Puck Daddy later today (rookies).




Dustin Penner is still out there and it doesn't look like he'll be heading to the Philadelphia Flyers according to Ron Hextall. It's not crazy to think Penner could be a 20-25 goal man again in the right situation, so it's a little curious no one has offered him a low risk, high reward deal. That right situation at this point in his career is obviously playing with high end players. He saw some time with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry last season and managed 13 goals in just 49 games for the Anaheim Ducks. It looks like he may have to earn his way on a team via a training camp tryout at this point, though.




Just wanted to weigh in on the expansion talk from earlier in the week. I agree with Dobber's take and believe it is coming sooner rather than later, especially where Canada is concerned. As much as the league wants to expand into bigger US markets, they still make a large portion of their revenue from the seven Canadian teams. With Quebec getting an arena ready it wouldn't surprise me to see them add a team there and another one in Toronto. Vegas and Seattle are certainly options, too, but I don't see them pulling an early 90s move and adding non-traditional hockey markets without balancing those out with some Canadian franchises as well.