September 17, 2014



My personal fantasy hockey trade checklist; Bill Daly’s new award smacks of ‘wrong’, Overhardt’s an idiot – and more …


Sergei Samsonov is back with the Hurricanes! As a…scout. What does this mean to you? Uh, nothing.


Reports from several sources indicate that Daniel Alfredsson’s back injury will probably mean that he won’t sign before the regular season. I know Laidlaw touched on this yesterday, and his statement of not counting on more than 50 games this season is bang on. If it gets to this point though, then he really should just retire. He has all the respect in the world right now, there is no need to put himself through any pain or risk of pain at this point.


Bill Daly and Paul Holmgren will receive the 2014 Lester Patrick Trophy for dedication to hockey in the U.S.. In related news, I no longer respect the Lester Patrick Trophy and I think anyone who actually dedicated himself to USA hockey in the past and won this award should feel a little less proud for having won it. Bill Daly is in a position of power. He can grant a lot of favors for the media, ownership, general managers, sponsors and many others. How many votes did he receive in exchange for future favors? Whether he deserves the award or not (ha!) is not the point. It’s like a college student who dates their professor – sure, they can do it…but it would be better for all involved if they waited until they graduated, or the professor changes jobs, or at the very least that particular semester has ended!

Shades of Gil Stein…


Monday I touched upon how Johnny Gaudreau was getting some hype. Here is more on that from TSN. Johnny Hockey is moving up a lot of preseason draft lists for sure.

Read up on him and more in Rossy’s incredible prospect ramblings from yesterday – easily 5000 words on prospect camps from across North America. If you own, or may draft – Nylander, Domi, Perlini, Samuelsson, Gauthier, Finn, Brown, Morrissey, Kosmachuk, DeAngelo, Drouin, Koekkoek, Mantha, Wennberg, Samuelsson… alright fine – everybody. Seriously, give it a read.