April 9, 2015

steve laidlaw


Top 10 goalies for next season, Capital playoff sleepers, and more…




Not a whole lot to discuss with regard to last night's games.


Sergei Bobrovsky notched a shutout but that's not really an accomplishment against the Leafs. More importantly I've talked ad nauseam about my love of Bobrovsky's late-season runs and how I think he's a top 10 goalie going into next year. I guess I'll just repeat myself. Bobrovsky is a top 10 goalie for next year!

That sort of proclamation really begs the question; who else do you have in your top 10? Glad you asked!


Carey Price, Pekka Rinne, Tuukka Rask and Henrik Lundqvist are all no brainers. Braden Holtby (who also recorded a shutout yesterday) is basically a no-brainer too. Corey Crawford, Jonathan Quick and Marc-Andre Fleury are all consistent enough to slide into the top 10 pretty easily, leaving two slots and I've got Bobrovsky with one of those.


Who is the final guy on my list?


Ben Bishop is nice there's enough Andrei Vasilevskiy around to make me shy away.

Devan Dubnyk might have been the single most influential goalie in fantasy hockey and the NHL this season but he doesn't have enough of a track record for my liking.


The situations in St. Louis, Anaheim and Ottawa are so cloudy that I'm not riding with any one goalie. I should mention that Jake Allen is supposed to start tonight with the chance of becoming the go-to guy if he doesn't mess up. Indeed, it seems that Ken Hitchcock is intent on riding the hot hand turning an already complicated situation into complete disarray.


Jaroslav Halak is a top 10 goalie in wins-only leagues but that's not what I'm talking about here. Maybe I should have specified sooner.


Three guys really jump out to me: Semyon Varlamov, Cory Schneider and Roberto Luongo.


Where I finally land probably depends on how the teams of these starters improve over the summer. All are similar to Bobrovsky as entrenched starters with a history of elite production but skating for non-playoff teams. I really believe in the Blue Jackets roster, which is why Bobrovsky has top 10 billing. Right now, the Panthers have easily the most promising roster of the three teams under consideration here, which puts Luongo at the front of the pack, for now.


If you are wondering, yes this does mean shots fired at Steve Mason, Ryan Miller, Jonas Hiller and Jimmy Howard. Please keep in mind that it is only April so a lot will change but that's where I've got goalies ranked in the interim. It should be fun to track how my mind changes over the summer so maybe bookmark these ramblings.




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