2015 Offseason Fantasy Look: San Jose & Colorado

Doran Libin




The offseason fantasy hockey analysis of the San Jose Sharks and Colorado Avalanche

San Jose

San Jose underwent a 'rebuild' of sorts before this season, which amounted to the ineffectual alienation of its two star veterans and the depletion of the bottom six. The results were pretty much what should have been expected; fewer goals, fewer wins and the playoffs missed. This took Sharks from a dominating possession team that outshot its opponents by an average of seven shots each game to a middle of the pack team. With the lesser bottom six they took three fewer shots per game and gave up two extra shots per game, resulting in an extra 35 goals against. They would have scored a lot less if their power play had not picked up the slack, as they became one of the best power plays in the league clicking at a 21.6% clip.