2015-16 Fantasy Outlook: Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning

Eric Daoust







What can fantasy owners expect from the Capitals and Lightning next season?



With this year's Stanley Cup playoff nearing its end, the offseason is now just around the corner. Even though there is still the entry draft and free agency to come, we can still look at current NHL rosters and get an indication of things to come next year.  The goal will not be to cover every player, but rather to focus more in-depth on some areas of great interest to fantasy owners, especially cases where there is some uncertainty that has a great impact on player values. As we continue our march through the Eastern Conference starting from the bottom, today we will now take a look at the Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning.



Washington Capitals


Under new coach Barry Trotz, the Capitals' train found its way back onto the tracks and many players took big steps forward including captain Alexander Ovechkin who appears to have ridden himself of many critics (for now).  Remarkably, the team still possesses a number of players who have yet to show their full potential which provides plenty to look forward to next year.


The duo of Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom was working its usual magic as they finished fifth and sixth respectively in points. Ovechkin led the goal-scoring race by a wide margin with 53 goals while Backstrom topped the league with 60 helpers. In addition to providing elite-level numbers for their fantasy owners, their great play also boosts the value of the third man playing at their side. Unfortunately, similar to the situation with the New York Islanders on the Tavares/Okposo line, the Capitals have a revolving door next to their two best offensive stars. Using Frozen Pool we can see who the lucky players were this year.