Tuesday, June 9

Neil Parker




Game 3, Victor Hedman’s ascent and more …






It doesn’t seem necessary to dig too deep into Game 3. The Lightning, and perhaps most significantly, Ben Bishop, weathered the storm when needed and found a way to score one more goal than Chicago. In a game that could have easily gone the other way, it didn’t.


Maybe I’m wrong on this point, but while Chicago was dominating the play, they were kept to the outside for the most part. Their scoring chances weren’t endless or high-end, and at no point did Bishop absolutely stand on his head.


That said, there were two missed nets with a wide-open cage, and Brandon Saad had a glorious chance in tight on a two-on-one rush with Marian Hossa. Still, it seemed like Tampa Bay were able to block or deflect a lot of pucks with a stick or body.


What gave the impression of Chicago’s dominance was their puck control and puck movement in the offensive zone, but again, it seemed like Tampa Bay clogged up the shooting lanes. And for the most part, the Lightning were able to stay disciplined and in position and not give up too many second chances.


It would likely be unfair to say Tampa Bay stole Game 3, but the series could very easily be 2-1 Blackhawks, too.






Ben Bishop looked extremely uncomfortable at times, and injured, but at the end of the game, he made all the big saves and allowed one fewer goal than his opposing netminder.