Cage Match Tourney – The Biggest Risers/Fallers Week 3

Rick Roos




Projecting the two biggest risers and two biggest fallers in this year’s Yahoo! draft rankings...


We're heading into the home stretch of the summer 2015 Cage Match Tournament, with your votes this week determining the final two NHLers who'll battle in next week's championship! Let's start with a quick rundown of the rules, before moving onto observations on week two results, and then finally laying out the four combatants in this week's semi-finals.


What You're Voting on, and Quick Rehash of Key Things to Know/Remember


As a reminder, you're deciding which NHLer's Yahoo fantasy draft position will increase the most in 2015-16 compared to 2014-15, as well as that player's counterpart, namely who'll see his Yahoo draft position drop the most. In the end, we'll match against each other the players you voted as biggest riser and biggest faller, to see who'll have the biggest Yahoo draft position change among all NHLers.